Facebook & Google Easy Ads

Цена: From $9 to $99+ / month, free trial
Автор: ROI Hunter

Grow your sales with advertising on Facebook and Google

  • Attract new customers with ads on Facebook feed, Instagram Stories and Google Smart Shopping
  • Bring back visitors who abandoned their cart. Get a second shot at making the sale with powerful retargeting ads.
  • Showcase your winning or best selling products with creative ads. Show them to the world with our crafted colorful video templates in our Video Editor.

Facebook & Google Easy Ads by ROI Hunter make it simple to create ads that promote your products

Drive awareness, traffic, and sales to your store in a few clicks, all from one location. Our smart technology works behind the scenes to make your promotions as profitable as possible.

Reach more people on Facebook, Instagram and Google
Whether you’re a new online store or a well-established brand, prospective buyers are what help your business grow. Reach new audiences with Google Search Ads, or leverage the powerful Google Smart Shopping for greater profitability.

Retarget visitors on Google and Facebook
Show your visitors what they’re missing! Whether they just browsed your products before exiting the site, or put something in their cart then left, you can bring them back with retargeting.

Create product videos in minutes from just a static image
You don't need a video production department to design beautiful video ads. You can turn any static image into an engaging video in a minute two. Give your promotions an extra edge by creating a captivating video for any product.

Our customer support team is ready to assist with all your questions about ROI Hunter, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel, Google Remarketing, Google Analytics and more.



Автор: ROI Hunter

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