Buy One Get One Free: Sales Promotions

Цена: $12.5 / month, free trial
Автор: Simcase

Market-proven promotions to stimulate sales: Three for the price of two, Second for free and other

  • Stimulate impulse purchases, luring customers with free products
  • Increase the number of items per order, motivating customers to purchase in bulk
  • Control your customers' purchases - sell what they will buy again or move slow-selling products faster

Join millions of stores around the world that use BOGOF promotions to increase the volume of sold products

Market-proven promotions

BOGOF is used in millions of online and offline stores around the world and is very popular with both buyers and sellers.
Amazon, Walmart, and even a pizzeria on the corner of your house use them to boost sales and attract customers.

An offer they can't refuse

BOGOF uses the fact that we all love gifts and free stuff. Buy One Get One Free, 1 + 1 = 3, 4 for 3 - with these promotions, buyers will not miss the opportunity to get more for their money, even if they did not plan to spend it.

And it works so effectively that the United Kingdom government is trying to limit usage of BOGOF promotions because of too many impulsive purchases.

More items in the cart

You can increase the number of items in the average shopping cart by 2-3 times.
BOGOF guarantees that during a promotion, customers will buy products at the base price in addition to discounted products. And you get extra income and increase the stock turnover.

Sell more with the next level of promotions!



Автор: Simcase

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